Artículo revista: Proper Names and Repression. A Freudian Finding

Aracelí Colín


I intend to locate Freud’s contributions in relation to personal names and repression. His most spreaded idea of the unconscious is a consequence of repression. Repression operates in three stages described in his metapsychology. In order to articulate his findings, it is necessary to highlight the way in which the personal name is tied to a lack. Without lack the reality-test could not be installed and the separation between conscious and unconscious could not be established. For Freud, the core of the unconscious is made up of agents of the representation (Vorstellungrepräsentanz). They are of the order of nonsense. In my opinion those representatives are letters. Letters of personal names are one of the first fixation materials (Fixierung). Fixation constitutes the first time of repression: It is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the psychic apparatus to be founded. I also analyze another Freudian idea of the unconscious: the inherited unconscious. Freud deployed this idea in his last work.

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